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Bots run wild in ATT chat rooms

Here’s the transcript of a chat this morning with ATT: opener : Hi, I’m AT&T’s automated virtual assistant. How can I help you today? Otis : Our student is back from semester abroad so we would like to reactivate XXXXXXXXXXXX agent : Oh no! We can help you with reinstating your service. Was your service […]

Kohler how-to video might have been titled “why you shouldn’t buy Kohler bathroom fixtures”

You’ve replaced a toilet seat, right? It takes about five minutes: you unscrew the plastic nuts underneath, pull off the old seat, position the new one by poking the plastic bolts through the very obvious holes, secure it with new clean nuts and you’re done. Well, if you have a Kohler one-piece toilet things are […]

Do infographics work as lead generation offers?

I am working on a business-to-business lead generation campaign in which I was given a bucket of information “assets” to sprinkle as offers throughout the series of contacts. Included are several infographics. I find myself reluctant to use them and I wonder if I’m alone in this. It’s one thing to visit a web page […]

New Crest tube is designed by idiots

Do you have a mess like this in your toothbrush drawer? You will, if you’re a loyal customer of Proctor & Gamble and their flagship Crest brand. Seems like the old tube with the small opening and the screw top wasn’t good enough for them, so they went to this great big cap that is […]

What we can learn from college solicitation direct mail

My son is a high school junior who recently took the PSAT, so he’s receiving a ton of prospecting mail from colleges. The other night we went through a stack of these direct mail packs, and it was interesting to see his reactions. There was a lot of good stuff. Overall, the colleges did a […]

Obamacare with a New York accent

As a small business owner, I turn out to be one of those people who doesn’t get to keep the health insurance I like. We got the letter from our provider yesterday, advising us to go right to the New York State site thus avoiding the train wreck. Unfortunately, isn’t much better. I […]

Survey worst practices from American Express

I got a survey invitation the other day from American Express that exhibited a number of worst practices. I’ll share highlights so we can hopefully learn from it. 1. The survey arrived too late. The email started, “Our records indicate you logged on to on September 19, 2012, and we would like feedback about […]

For all you long-copy haters out there…

Direct marketing watchdog Denny Hatch had his knickers in a twist about the online ad shown here. And with good reason. It’s simply a long copy direct mail letter turned into a PowerPoint video and it runs 77 minutes (I am taking that part on faith since I lasted about 4 minutes) with no pause […]

Why you need an “escape hatch” in your user interface

If you have shopped at Ikea, you will notice that periodically you come across an escape hatch. You can stroll through the departments (which is what Ikea would like you to do because random browsing causes you to purchase additional merchandise) but if you get bored you can just duck through one of the little […]

User interface design at CES 2011

There’s always a nice buffet at the ShowStoppers press event at CES. This year it included a beautiful arugula salad with orange slices. Trouble was, the long strands of arugula fell off the tiny plates they gave us. So by the end of the evening the kitchen was chopping the arugula into pieces that didn’t […]

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