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Should you ever turn down business as a copywriter?

When I started freelancing, a couple decades ago, a wise old art director counseled me: never turn down work. Even if you’re super busy, stay up all night to get it done or offload it to a fellow creative and hopefully mark up their work. After all, you never know which new client might become […]

Hidden money in your advertising (the direct marketing topic)

Last weekend I visited friend and fellow copywriter Dan Shaw and we were bemoaning the tight creative budgets in this economy. The issue is this: if a client can get an email or a web page written for $100 or $200, why in the world would they hire someone like us at several times that […]

Why it pays to market during a recession

When times get hard, marketing is one of the first things to get cut. Consumers have less money, so why market to them at the same pace? And with a smaller budget, are those people in the marketing department even necessary? As a matter of self-preservation, marketers like to counter that a recession is actually […]

What’s the value of “cheap” creative?

A long time consultant client, concerned about the recession, asked me to cut creative pricing to the bone on a couple of recent jobs then came back and asked me to cut again. I agreed because I was well, concerned about the recession. An interesting thing happened on both these jobs. Instead of being happy […]

3 tips for more effective copywriting in a recession

When economic times are bad and marketing budgets are tight, every promotion has to work harder than ever to pay back its investment with increased sales, leads or visibility. The good news for copywriters is that often we can improve return on the marketing investment with better response at no increase in costs, simply by […]

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