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Tips for making the most of DMA &Then annual conference in New Orleans

The DMA Annual Conference happens next week, October 8-10, in New Orleans. If you haven’t registered, you can still get a ticket here. The format has been revised again, eliminating the Ignition sessions I’ve led the last three years, so I will be sitting this one out. Please have a beignet and a muffuletta on […]

Free marketing advice from Warby Parker

The other day I was on a plane and got in a conversation with my seat mate. When she found out I worked as an advertising guy she told me her husband designed neckwear and wanted to sell his ties via the internet. What free marketing advice did I have? My first thought was, uh oh. Fashion is a […]

DMA &Then 2016… I’ll be back

I’ve been asked to repeat my Ignition session at this year’s annual Direct Marketing Association conference, which will take place in Los Angeles. My slot is Monday October 17, 4:00-4:45 PM. Titled (for legacy reasons too complex to go into here) “Devilish Details: Looking for an Advantage in Your Copy and Design”, it’s essentially an […]

DMA 2015 &then was a home run

&then2015, also known as #andthen2015 or simply the DMA Annual Conference, is in the books. The Boston event concluded with an emotional keynote from John Legend that wrapped up about 4:15 this past Tuesday, October 6. I would venture to guess that the event succeeded beyond anybody’s wildest hopes and dreams. A huge format change […]

Get a free copy of my book at DMA2015 &then

Update: DMA &then website has now been updated with full schedule information. Go to to read all about it. BE SURE TO USE THIS LINK; the “build your schedule” menu on the home page of still produces the old placeholder content. Here’s the session I am leading on Monday, October 4, from 4:45-5:30 […]

Why too many good ideas can sink your direct marketing campaign

It’s great that you are brimming over with good ideas. Unfortunately, your prospect is not nearly as enchanted with your creativity as you are. They’ll sit still for one powerful marketing statement, perhaps supported by a call to action subhead, then it’s off to the deleted messages folder or the recycling bin. When you put […]

TV ads during the World Series: the good, the bad, the strange

For somebody who works in marketing, I don’t watch all that much commercial television. This changed during the recently concluded World Series, where I was following the fabulous Giants in a hotel room without a DVR while attending the Direct Marketing Association’s conference and so giving a lot of thought to advertising. Certain ads played […]

Boredom banished at DMA 2014

The Direct Marketing Association’s annual conference is happening this week in San Diego, and I’ll shortly get on a plane to join my colleagues. I will be on a panel Tuesday morning October 28, called “Creative Slamdown: How world-class creatives successfully sell strange, obscure, boring or even the most mundane products” put together by estimable […]

Back by popular demand at DMA2013

My panel discussion on K.I.I.S. (Keep it simple, stupid) marketing was asked to return to the Direct Marketing Association’s annual conference based on our being one of the top-rated panels at last year’s event. DMA2013 is happening in Chicago and we’ll be the last session before the wrap-up lunch presentation on Wednesday, October 16. I […]

Nerds are people, too!

Here’s a preview of the KISS panel we’re presenting at the Direct Marketing Association’s annual conference in Las Vegas. Come see us next Wednesday, October 17 at 9 am to get the full story! When you’re selling complex products and services, that often have a high price tag, it’s easy to overcomplicate your marketing message. […]

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