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Cooking in somebody else’s kitchen, Part I

The past month I’ve been cooking in two unfamiliar kitchens, the first being the San Francisco bachelor/bachelorette pad shared by several friends of my daughter and the second the “camp” belonging to my wife in the Adirondacks. In San Francisco, my task was to prepare a Texas brisket meal for 60 people for the wedding […]

My brisket recipe, revisited

After the writeup on Texas barbecue, several folks asked if I would repost my original brisket recipe as text, not an image, for easier reading. Here you go. I’ve added a few thoughts on technique, in italics. This recipe came to me in a package of materials purchased through some kind of multilevel marketing exchange […]

In search of perfect Texas barbecue

It isn’t hard to make good brisket. (Brisket = barbecue, at least for the purposes of this article.) You need a reasonably fatty piece of meat, USDA Choice or higher. You need a rub containing brown sugar for a nice crispy crust. You need a smoker with a good tight seal to keep the smoke […]

My Brisket Recipe

My Brisket Recipe Originally uploaded by otisregrets. My personal recipe for brisket, which I acquired from a multilevel marketer in the 1970s. It’s important to use USDA Choice meat, neither a higher nor lower grade. I’ve never tried the sauce. Don’t need it.

No ‘Que for You…

Let’s start by agreeing that people who refer to certain fire-smoked meats as “‘Que” are like those who refer to mushrooms as “srooms”. The pet names come from an uneasy relationship with food, and they deserve to be ignored. The bigger issue is that “barbecue” itself is a term with such broad application as to […]

Philip Claypool

I drove to the Marina district the other day to check out the rumor and, sad to say, it’s true: Claypool’s B-B-Q is gone. A lady who looked to be closing out the books said he was “out of town… working on a franchise to open in Southern California” but further investigation reveals he’s simply […]

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