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Are you still using Siri? And iPhone security issues…

After an 18 month dalliance with Android, I’m back to the iPhone, now on Verizon. Left the Droid X outside during a Texas thunderstorm, and the Verizon folks were kind enough to upgrade me without a penalty. I’m happy. All my old apps were waiting for me in iTunes. The GPS problems have gone away. […]

Marketers, don’t make Apple mad

If your company held a giveaway and said I could enter to win an iPad if I bought a product, that would be illegal. “Consideration” is one of the legal no-nos in a sweepstakes which is why the rules always say in big letters, NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. If your company had a giveaway and said […]

What makes Apple marketing insane (ly great)

Consistent and thorough (you might also say obsessive) are words that describe any Apple marketing effort. I got an example when I decided to treat myself today to the just-released Snow Leopard upgrade, speed and various new features for an affordable $29. Was near an Apple store (Knox Street in Dallas) so stopped in. They […]

Computing advice for freelance creatives

My venerable MacBook died today. (No condolences necessary, it wasn’t Black.*) Which brings to mind the issue of how freelancers should deal with technical glitches when talking to clients. Should I have called my clients and said “my computer died, so I won’t be able to read any emails you send me till I get […]

My iPhone list of demands

I got my iPhone finally and am happy with all it does. But also surprised at some of the things it does NOT do. Here are a few issues that need to be addressed immediately… I’ll add more as I come up with them: Camera needs exposure control and flash. Movies would also be nice. […]

Macworld is dead

Trade shows are a bonanza for the tech-focused copywriter. In a couple of frenzied days you can see dozens of presentations, stuff several tote bags full of competitive literature, and eavesdrop to see what makes your target prospect’s face light up when the demo guy presses the hot buttons related to blade servers or email […]

Why Steve Jobs is a (marketing) genius

The next time you open your iBook, MacBook or WhateverBook, note the orientation of the Apple logo on the top. It’s upside down! Wouldn’t it be more elegant to have it right side up, from the perspective of the user? In fact, it used to be thus with earlier generations of Mac laptops… until the […]

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