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Psst… Kindle for sale…

Amazon is releasing its second generation of Kindle, its perpetually sold-out ebook reader. The new Kindle is faster and has more memory, and also substitutes a joystick for the page turning buttons along the side that always made me feel like I was using my mother’s old desktop phone directory (with the slider that would […]

AT&T: anti-marketing ninjas at work

So I am finally got my iPhone. Per the earlier post, my web order disappeared into automated customer service limbo yet was impossible to cancel until I called a live sales rep. Meanwhile the price dropped $50 so I place the order again and it goes through with me $50 richer and ATT $50 poorer. […]

Batteries not included.. neither is the lid for the battery case.

I just got through a holiday season filled with toys that required batteries, and something finally dawned on me. All of them now have battery covers that are attached with a tiny screw, rather than the slide-on-and-click-to-lock type that I remember. I first assumed this was some kind of money saving move, and that somehow […]

The price of security

I was recently a victim of identity theft. First, my credit card company called me wondering why I had been charging so much at When I said I hadn’t used my account since 2004 (which I know because I keep all my old emails), they suggested somebody had gotten hold of my credit […]

Land mines in the "last mile"

Telephone companies, cable operators and such refer to the “last mile” as the final step of actually getting their service into a home or office. For marketing companies, the “last mile” is the process of actually delivering the product or service to the customer—and that’s where more and more companies fall short, perhaps intentionally. Infoweek […]

The Robert Collier Letter Book

Early in my copywriting career, I stumbled across the Robert Collier Letter Book at the L.A. Central Library. Discovering it was out of print, I flirted with telling them I’d lost it… and soon wished I had, because the only copy was lost when the library burned down. Now, the Robert Collier Letter Book is […]

Philip Claypool

I drove to the Marina district the other day to check out the rumor and, sad to say, it’s true: Claypool’s B-B-Q is gone. A lady who looked to be closing out the books said he was “out of town… working on a franchise to open in Southern California” but further investigation reveals he’s simply […]

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