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Food Writing

Niman Ranch All-Natural Meats

Niman Ranch was one of the original purveyors of all natural, humanely raised meats, founded by Bill Niman in Marin County in the late 1980s. I was asked to rewrite the copy on the website to more accurately reflect the company’s commitment to high quality, sensitive husbandry and great taste. This involved interviewing farmers and chefs and eating the product. Note: this is an archived page; links do not work.

View Niman Ranch home page.

View Niman Ranch beef page.

View Niman Ranch steak page.

View Niman Ranch farmer page.

View Niman Ranch chef page.

Frog Hollow Farm organic fruit

Frog Hollow Farm grows the world’s best organic peaches and other stone fruit and sells by mail order and at farmers’ markets in California. I was brought in to “populate” a new template which had been designed to present their mail order products in a menu format. The client ultimately decided not to implement this direction because of technical issues, but I liked the format and the challenge of working with a software tool to flow the copy and visuals into the appropriate spaces. Here are a few sample pages.

Frog Hollow organic peaches.

Pop-up explains peach varieties.

Frog Hollow conserves page.

Frog Hollow pastries page.

Liberty Orchards “Aplets & Cotlets”

Liberty Orchards is a highly successful small-town family business adroitly managed by a Harvard MBA, Greg Taylor. Its audience skews elderly; many customers are looking for a low-priced treat for themselves, their friends or their grandchildren. I was involved in an extensive image re-do which is reflected on the current website; they’ve hired a staff writer but over ten years later they’re following the copy style I set and much of my product copy is still in use, such as these examples:

Liberty Orchards Fruit Delights

Liberty Orchards Berry Bites

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