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First review of $50 Amazon Fire tablet

Mine arrived today and I wanted to review it on the Amazon website but they said the product has not yet been officially released and can’t be reviewed so I’ll share experiences here. It’s a 2 or maybe 3 star product. Good performance and graphics, but due to interface problems it’s going back if I can’t fix it.

This is basically a delivery mechanism for Amazon products and services. If that’s all it’s good for they should give it away free, not charge $50. It’s very difficult to log in to anything other than Amazon’s own app store. (I tried to access the NYTimes app for which I had a subscription; they wanted me to get it through their Kindle store.) The second problem is that when you try inputting your user info after finally reaching a log in page, it autocorrects to nonsense. Can’t find a way to turn this off.

Not a fan.

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